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Why Trust Us As Your Veterinarian?

At The Cat Hospital of Kamloops, we are committed to you and your feline companion. We do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable trusting us to provide medical care to your cat.

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We are the only dedicated cat hospital between Vancouver and Calgary.

Your cat's needs are unique, and we believe that their veterinary care should be tailored to fit these needs. Not only does our staff have specific training to handle and calm down nervous cats, but the hospital will also be less stressful without any barking dogs disrupting your cat's appointment.

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Our veterinarians are solely focused on the needs of cats.

Our veterinary team is able to fine-tune their approach to veterinary care to meet the needs of our patients. This feline-specific knowledge helps when it comes to delivering medications and handling patients who may not be thrilled about coming to visit.

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Our in-house lab helps us provide swift diagnosis and treatment options.

Whether you're from Kamloops or traveling to us from one of the surrounding communities, you want to be sure that your cat's needs will be taken care of. Our in-house diagnostic lab ensures that no further travel is necessary to obtain same-day results for your feline friend's condition.

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New Cats & Kittens Welcome

The Cat Hospital of Kamloops is accepting new feline patients! If you are looking for a veterinarian who is solely committed to the unique needs of cats, get in touch today to book your first appointment.

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