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Dental disease is the number one disease we see in cats today. Poor dental hygiene in cats can cause a number of health concerns, specifically infections in the kidneys. We will keep your cat’s pearly whites in good working order with our comprehensive dentistry services. We offer dental x-rays to inspect your cat for problems with their teeth. Tooth resorption is a very painful condition that can only be diagnosed through x-rays.

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Feline Dental Care

You may have wondered: Why is there such a wide range of costs on my Dental Care estimate? 

There are many reasons that make it difficult to guess how many teeth may need be extracted. The low end of your estimate shows what the “best-case scenario” may be. The high end of your estimate accounts for the unpredictable nature of dental procedures:

  1. Tooth Root Resorption – This condition cannot be diagnosed without radiographs.
  2. Infection and Abscesses – Many infections cannot be seen on awake exam since they are often just below the gum line or at the tooth root.
  3. Subgingival Neck Lesions (Cavities) – These are painful holes in the teeth, at the gum line, and are diagnosed by using a probe.
  4. Accepted Therapies – There is only one treatment for most dental problems in cats; Extraction.
  5. Surgical Extractions – Oral surgery is a highly technical skill that requires education and experience. When many extractions are needed, the time required to complete them all increases, and the costs can pile up.

At the Cat Hospital, we feel responsible to adequately prepare you for what could unfold as we pursue the diagnoses needed to make decisions about your cat’s oral health. A dental exam is necessary prior to electing anesthesia for dental care, but it does have its limits. Sometimes the teeth can appear as if they need only minor treatment, but after radiographs and a thorough oral exam under anesthesia, more pathology is revealed.

This example shows what appears as Grade 2 or 4 Dental Disease. There is only minor tartar and minimal gingivitis visible. However, after X-rays, it was determined that this cat requires 9 teeth to be extracted (Grade 4 or 4)

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