Nail Trimming – Is it necessary?

by | Apr 25, 2022

Nail Trimming – Is it necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to clip your cat’s nails, but first a word of caution; never cut to the quick. The “quick” is the dark pink section inside the claw where the nerves and blood vessels are found. This part of a cat’s claw is very sensitive, and if you cut it, you will cause bleeding and pain. Once a cat has a bad experience, especially if this is their first experience, they’ll remember the pain and you’ll have a very hard time keeping the chaos under control when you try and clip again.
Remember: Only clip off the translucent tip of the claw. Never cut into the quick.
Your tool can be specialized cat nail clippers, or your finger nail clippers, as long as they are sharp. Using a dull instrument may crack the nail rather than clipping it cleanly off.

For Kittens

Developing a clipping schedule with a new kitten will help them learn to trust you as they grow up, and they will stay calmer through the process, knowing what to expect. Choosing a quiet room helps, and developing a habit of massaging their paws during cuddle time helps cats adjust to their paws being touched. A cat’s nails are naturally retracted into sheaths in their toes, so when everyone’s calm and you’re ready to trim, gently push into the centre of their paw, and this will expose their nails.

Why Cut the Nails?

When left unclipped, your cat’s nails can grow to a needle point and curl at the end into their paw pads. They will snag their paws on fabric or the carpet when playing, and may twist and damage their ligaments, or worse, break a toe. Long cat nails can slash skin, ending in an unpleasant experience when you’re trying to play with them. Most often, they don’t mean to scratch you, it’s just that their nails need clipping.
Cats will often try to clip their own by wearing them down by biting them down a bit, but it’s better to clip them on a regular basis. Scratching posts are used to sharpen nails and shed their outer layers which helps their nails health and growth. Scratching surfaces will not “trim” their nails. You’ll save your furniture, prevent “snag” accidents, and enjoy playing with them.
Nail clipping time gives you an opportunity to have a close look at their paws for signs of other problems like thorns or cracking. Too nervous to clip your cat’s claws? That’s okay, we offer nail trimming services at The Cat Hospital.

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