Make your Own Cat Toys

by | Nov 16, 2021

Make your Own Cat Toys

A cat who can make a plaything out of anything – an empty cardboard box, a bag, or a simple ball of yarn – deserves love and respect. If you’d like to design your own, you don’t have to be super-crafty. Below are some ideas for you to ponder!

Cardboard Cat Palace

These days, you are likely to have a lot of cardboard lying around (thumbs up for online shopping during COVID!). Take these boxes and carve cut-outs of doors and windows. If you have extra boxes, use them to make it a multi-storeyed palatial residence. With even more doors and windows. Think of this as a home within a home for your feline. Your pet can hide, nap and play in this cardboard house.

Emoji Cat Toys

If your furry (or fickle?) companion desires a softer plaything, the emoji cat toy makes for an excellent option. Try cutting felt to create expressive toys. Create smiley, excited, laughing and other emojis for your furry friend. He can cuddle with it, grab it, and even sleep on it.

Ultimate kitty puzzle

The kitty puzzle is simple and easy to make. To start, take the two things your cat adores – toilet paper rolls and boxes. You will need other things; get your hands on some pipe-cleaners, a cardboard egg carton, and a few balls. Glue them into a crazy shape – it’s like a kitty pinball machine.

DIY Cat Tent

Don’t know what to do with your old T-shirt? Here’s an idea! Use it to create a cat toy. A T-shirt is the primary ingredient for a cat tent. All you need is a piece of cardboard, two wire hangers, and tape. For a stronger structure, you can use a single safety pin to secure your shirt to the frame. Put a comfy blanket inside the tent on the cardboard and perhaps add some cat treats!

Pirate ship scratching post

Scratching is a frequent activity for cats, so why not make it a little fun? First, take a long wooden stick. Second, carve two holes into it, quite far apart. Next, get two sticks that can perfectly slip through these holes. Once done, cover the entire structure with some string –something like the shape of a sail. Tighten it up nicely. While keeping your feline entertained for hours, it also makes for a cute showpiece to show your friends. Also, do not forget the main ingredient – the pirate signature. Print a large image of a pirate and hang it on the structure.

Knotted Ball

The knotted ball is yet another way to put your old T-shirts to some good use. Squish up the material into a ball-shaped structure and wrap tightly with string. Hang it onto a doorknob. This play toy is incredibly effective. It gives your feline plenty to swat and pounce. Beware, the excitement is contagious!
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