How to Get a Cat to Like You

by | Dec 20, 2021

How to Get a Cat to Like You

First up, let your kitty call the shots. Let the feline be in charge! Our human impulse wants to crouch and pet our cat, but, according to a Swiss study, it was observed that when humans are busy there is a higher probability of one’s cat approaching you. Felines want your attention, so let them take the initiative! Your interactions can be even more positive if you let your cat decide when to end the session. Kitties will adopt the active energy cycles of their owners. Long story short: Play a little hard to get!

An Early Start

Just like humans, minutes of daily affection can make your kitten more friendly and trusting towards humans. The ideal age for socialising is between two to nine weeks. Shelter kittens, despite receiving more socialisation, are more affectionate a year later than other kittens. And the more you play, the better your kitten will behave!

Approach your cat with cat language

Not that you should start meowing! Just greet your cat like you are a fellow feline. For instance, felines like to greet each other nose-to-nose. Well, you can do the next best thing! You can mimic the behaviour by extending your fingertip (best without sharp nails) at their nose level. The cat impulse makes them sniff your finger and then even rub it. Once that is done, you’ve been introduced and can move on to stroking until you hear the purr.

Find the P-spot

The ‘P’ here means petting! Cats are very sensitive to touch. There are certain places where they like to be petted. These include their forehead and cheeks (study). Be careful of a negative reaction when touching them in the tail area. Your cat will tell you what they like, so be observant and take your time.

Don’t Overfeed

A 2015 study found that obese cats put on a high-fibre diet showed an increase in affection. An annual check-up with your veterinarian may be the time to discuss the correlation between affection and a healthy diet.
Touch the cute kitten with your hands

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