Detangling Brushes and Why Cats Love Them

by | Dec 7, 2022

Detangling Brushes and Why Cats Love Them

Untangling a huge knot in your cat’s fur can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Detangling brushes are much safer to use, rather than taking a pair of scissors and trying to cut the tangle out – not recommended! In this blog post, we’ll go over different kinds of detangling brushes for cats, as well as why cats love to be groomed in the first place.
Tips For Cat Detangling
  • Both slicker brushes and comb brushes effectively detangle long haired cats
  • Never use scissors or clippers to try to remove a knot in your cat’s fur
  • Cats love to be brushed, as long as you are gentle and don’t hurt them
  • If your cat is short haired and without tangles, brushing is still important for their health

Brushes To Help Manage Cat Hair

There are two main types of detangling brushes for cats: slicker brushes and comb brushes. Slicker brushes have short, closely-spaced wire bristles that are great at removing knots and tangles. They also help to distribute your cat’s natural oils, giving their fur a healthy shine. Combs can have wider teeth that are spaced further apart, making them better at removing loose fur and debris. When used together, these two types of brushes can effectively remove most knots and tangles from your cat’s fur. Once a knot is tight against the skin, it can be very difficult to remove. Short-haired cats can also have problems, but usually it’s a sign of health problems. But, even if your cat is a coiffed-kitty, they’ll still love being brushed, as brushing stimulates circulation and general wellbeing. Sticking to a regular brushing routine for long haired cats will prevent tangles and knots.

Cats Love To Be Brushed – Here’s Why

So why do cats love this? For one, it feels really good! The vibration of the brush against their skin can help to soothe them and relieve stress (as long as you are gentle). It also helps to keep their fur clean and free of tangles and knots, because knotted hair can pull painfully on their skin. Grooming also strengthens the bond between you and your cat, so they’ll learn to trust and enjoy being around you even more.
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Detangling Cat Hair Services From The Cat Hospital
We hope this blog post has helped you understand the different kinds of detangling brushes for cats and why cats love to be groomed. If you’re still having trouble getting knots out of your cat’s fur, or if they’re just not a fan of being brushed, bring them in to see us at The Cat Hospital in Kamloops when their wellness exam is due. We’ll get their fur looking flawless and give you more grooming tips to make them happy.
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