Cystitis in Cats

by | Mar 11, 2021

Cystitis and urinary blockages

featuredimage Cystitis
Not fun! Cystitis and urinary blockages are painful conditions that can be caused by stones in the bladder or bacteria, but not to worry – these can be relieved by a trip to the vet.
The first step is making an appointment with your veterinarian for a prescription and pain relief. Both male and female cats can be affected.
If your cat displays any of these symptoms, it is advised to have them seen by a vet as soon as possible:
  1. Inappropriate Urination
  2. Frequenting Litterbox More Often
  3. Blood in Urine (Emergency)
  4. Excessive Grooming (under the tail)
  5. Unable to urinate (Emergency)
Your vet may prescribe a board-certified diet that supports your cat’s urinary health by treating and preventing these urinary problems. Dental disease is also a cause for certain urinary issues, so it is best to have your vet assess your cat’s level of dental decay to help prevent these conditions.


“Harrison”, a young, handsome male cat came to TCHK as an emergency for urinary obstruction last October. Male cats can develop urinary tract diseases so severe that they are unable to urinate at all. If not treated, this illness is fatal. Thankfully, we were able to relieve Harrison’s obstruction and he went several months without incident. Sadly, the story does not end there. We have found the type of food a cat eats to be a significant contributor to causing urinary problems. When we saw Harrison in October, he was being fed raw food. During the following months Harrison was fed a prescription urinary diet, and had no problem urinating. Unfortunately, in January Harrison was switched to a food not recommended by veterinarians, found in a pet store. Within a few weeks he returned with another urinary obstruction! Luckily, we were once again able to relieve his obstruction, and Harrison’s owner learned a valuable lesson on the importance of feeding a good quality food recommended by their veterinarian.
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