Best Cat Breeds for Dogs

by | Jan 19, 2022

Best Cat Breeds for Dogs

Whoever says dogs and cats can’t get along is in for a big surprise! Dogs and cats CAN be compatible with one another. Think of adding a puppy to your household? The team at The Cat Hospital would like you to know about cat breeds that get along really well with dogs.

Abyssinian Cats

Lively and expressive, Abyssinian cats are affectionate, despite not being lap cats. They are known for their curiosity, playfulness and the need to explore their surroundings. Also, these cats like to participate in activities around them, even if that includes the family dog.

Birman Cats

Friendly and affectionate, Birman cats are intelligent. They have a generally calm and mild demeanour that enables them to get along with other household pets. This breed is fond of playing fetch the ball, and could be an instant playdate for Fido.

Bombay Cats

Now, these are wild-looking! But as the phrase goes, ‘looks can be deceptive’. Bombay cats are among the most affectionate. They are playful and personable. Among cat breeds, they are a delight when playing games. The Bombay cat likes to play fetch, can be trained to walk on a leash, and gets along with dogs. Often, it chooses a canine companion as its heat-seeking snuggle partner.

Maine Coon Cats

These are lovingly known as ‘gentle giants’. Maine Coon cats are known for displaying dog-like behaviour. In fact, they follow their owners from room to room. They also respond when called. What’s more, they are fond of walking on the leash and playing fetch. And the best part? Maine Coon cats get along with dogs.

Norwegian Forest Cats

A large cat, Norwegian Forest cats have a brawny, muscular body and long legs. Also known as ‘Wegies’, these cats are affectionate, curious and easygoing. They respond well to training and even tolerate walking on a leash when trained at a young age. The Wegie is playful and likes to fetch toys. It thrives in the company of dogs, making it an ideal part of your multi-pet household.

Ragdoll Cats

One of the leading cat breeds, ragdolls are loving and easygoing. They are often known as ‘puppy-cats’ because of their dog-like nature and persona. These cats are particularly good with other cats and easily trained to learn the same tricks as dogs, including playing fetch and rolling over.

Siberian Cats

These affectionate cats will fetch, walk off-leash when trained, hunt, and even leap between high places. What’s more, they will play in the water if presented with an opportunity! So, if you have a swimming pool or are near the lake and desire the company of a pet, Siberian cats are an ideal contender. Another good aspect is that they are very accepting of other pets.

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