Preventative Medicine

The best way to keep a pet in good health is through preventative medicine!

Nutrition, Vaccinations, Parasite Control, Dental Care, and Environmental Enrichment

We provide resources and methods to maintain cat wellness.
• Following the kitten series, cats should have an annual checkup, required vaccinations and deworming.
• Since Rabies is a fatal disease, we advise all cats, both indoor and out, to be up to date on their Rabies vaccination.
• There are quality cat foods specifically made to meet the nutritional demands of your cat, ask our staff for the names of quality brands and where to get them.

One of the most important ways to maintain your cat’s wellness is through Environmental Enrichment. Cats were born to play, hunt, and move. When cats become too sedentary or are under-stimulated, they often develop negative behaviours. There are many ways to incorporate play and hunting into your cat’s daily life. This is especially important for indoor cats. The Indoor Pet Initiative for Cat Owners provides a number of excellent resources if you’re unsure how to proceed. 

As your cat ages, they have special requirements, and should have a minimum of 2 exam/consultations with

a veterinarian each year.

Click here to see our cat aging chart.

Dental disease is the leading disease in cats today. This can cause a number of other health concerns for your cat, especially in the kidneys. Make sure your cat receives regular dental care so that we are able to stay on top of their health.

Contact The Cat Hospital of Kamloops for resources, or to book an appointment for preventative medicine and wellness for your cat.

X-Rays and Ultrasound

At the Cat Hospital, we offer radiology for diagnostic purposes.  Our digital x-ray unit was custom made for our hospital in order to better view the fine detail of a cat’s anatomy.

We are pleased to be able to offer ultrasound which is another non-invasive diagnostic tool. Our staff has experience working with cats and we do our best to keep the experience as positive as it can be. 

We are also proud to offer Infrared Thermal Imaging. Our infrared camera allows us to record a thermal image that reveals degrees of inflammation. This is an important way to gain extra information for both wellness and illness consultations.

Contact The Cat Hospital of Kamloops for resources, or to book an appointment for an ultrasound or an X-ray exam.

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