How to know if your cat is sick?

by | Mar 7, 2022

How to know if your cat is sick?

It is often tricky to gauge the subtle changes in your kitty that indicate a health issue. Note that cats are experts at hiding illnesses and pain. In the wild, this instinct is a defense mechanism against predators.

What can you do when your cat falls sick?

Observe your cat for any unusual behaviour and mannerisms. It is worth taking a ride to the vet. Cat illnesses often require medical attention or even emergency care. And the sooner you begin the treatment, the sooner your furry friend will become active and healthy again.

The Signs To Look For

The occasional event is no red flag nor a call for concern. However, if it is happening monthly, please make an appointment with us at The Cat Hospital, as your cat can quickly become dehydrated.
Loss of appetite
This may occur normally for some picky cats. If your kitty skips the occasional meal but otherwise follows their usual eating routine, watch them closely for other signs of illness. If your furry friend stops eating or only does so in tiny amounts, it is time to call your vet. Lack of eating for a few days can cause serious issues such as fatty liver or hepatic lipidosis.
Increased appetite
This is a concern, especially in older cats. The probable reason for this is hyperthyroidism. However, your vet needs to run appropriate tests to confirm. Do not ignore an increase in appetite, even in younger cats. If nothing else, it can cause overeating or even obesity which is its own problem.
Changes in urination
Yet another cause for concern is changes in urination. This often indicates a urinary tract issue or kidney problem. If you see a change in frequency or quantity, inappropriate urination, or blood, you must schedule an appointment with the vet. What’s more, if your cat strains to urinate and nothing comes out, this might be a call for an emergency.
Discharge from the eyes or nose
This symptom may indicate a possible upper respiratory infection. The infection can make your cat feel ill and even stop eating. Also, it can be contagious and spread to other cats in your home. Our team will recommend medication for recovery.
Ear debris or discharge
This might mean that your cat has an ear infection or parasites, such as ear mites. Waiting to address the issue may cause the eardrum to get infected or damaged. Also, it is very uncomfortable for your kitty.
Skin Irritation or Hair Loss
These are signs of potential allergies, external parasites or other skin conditions. This is likely to be painful or itchy, so do not let your cat suffer needlessly.
Do not ignore this. It could be a wound that has turned into an abscess. Or the swelling might indicate a tumour. Watch the swollen area closely. If it seems too hot to touch or does not heal in a day or two, it is time to consult your vet.

Speak to Your Veterinarian

Give us a call at The Cat Hospital if you have questions or concerns. We will be happy to help. We can schedule a consultation, X-rays, and prepare a prescription onsite.
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