Choosing the Right Cat Carrier

by | May 31, 2022

Choosing the Right Cat Carrier

Cat carriers should be easy to clean and comfortable for your cat, but no matter the size or model, problems may start if your cat doesn’t want to go inside.

Introducing the Carrier

The process is easier if you familiarize your cat with their carrier before locking them inside for a trip to the Cat Hospital. Leave your new carrier in a location where your cat feels safe, and remove or open the front gate, securing it so it won’t close on them unexpectedly. Place familiar toys and bedding inside then allow them to explore the carrier at their own pace. You’ll probably soon find them sleeping inside where they feel safe and comfortable. You can also calm cats by spraying the bedding and carrier with pheromone spray about 30 minutes before you place them inside.


Choose a carrier that is easy-to-clean and has a leak-proof bottom. Also, make sure you can place soft bedding on the bottom that doesn’t slip. Look for a carrier that has a visual shield, and good ventilation to prevent motion-induced anxiety or nausea. Cats prefer to feel their back up against something, which creates a sense security knowing they will not be ambushed from behind, so you’ll want to avoid carriers with limited hiding space. Suppliers can be pet stores, secondhand stores or go online.

Ready for your Vet Visit

Look for a carrier with easy access for veterinary visits. If the carrier top can be removed, we can examine your cat inside the carrier for some portion of the physical exam. Towels can be placed over the top of the carrier during the exam to create a dark, cozy safe place for your cat for a more positive veterinary experience. When you move the carrier, pick it up and transport in a stable manner so it’s not tipping to alarm your pet.
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